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  • 08/28/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Fire Momma,
When we first married he gave me the bills (so I could learn how to do it). Then after time and I was ready to give it back he wouldn’t take it. And when times started to get rough and we had heated arguments I told him I was through writing the bills that I wouldn’t do it since my unemployment check wasn’t income. I refused to write the bills out. Our payments were late. And because I wouldn’t write them, he started writing them out again. Now I do it when he is gone FF and he gets it back when he comes back.

As far a seasonal job, he got on as a sub with the state (only in the winter to push snow) BUT they have never called him to work. He has went up there but nothing. He also is a sub bus driver which allows him to FF. My dad gives him a few odd jobs every now and again. All the jobs are and would be great if the companies would work him more. He don’t want to go back to the quarry. He can run heavy equipment, build anything, and FF, he is knowledgeable about fixing things. He is a very smart man.

Clark Howard Groupie,
I wouldn’t dare ask his parents for money for them to hold it over our heads every time we turn around. She hassles him enough about everything as it is. Don’t take this the wrong way because I’m not a b*hole….I love his parents but can only stand to be around them to a certain point. We have a thirteen year history that some things are hard to forgive and forget and its not so bad now but I wouldn’t dare put us in that situation. I know it isn’t fair asking my parents all the time. Sometimes I just feel like im at a dead end street. I guess I feel like there is no hope for our situation.

Ill get back to ya. My FF has just called and the crew is flying charter from MT home. yippie. got to go.

I know I sound like a basket case.

Not a basket case, just like someone trying to work out how to live with the wildland firefighter you love. We have all been through this with one issue or another.


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