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  • 08/28/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi Everybody!
Well I did my whirlwind trip to the Dakotas and got back home Sunday night in one piece. I got to spend 36 great hours with my southern boy and then saw my daughter and son for 18 hours while traveling 30 hours to see all of them. I then had to be back to work on Monday morning. But it was worth all the traveling to see them. I hadn’t seen my daughter since Christmas and my SO since the end of July. My son usually works with me but is on a detail, so he won’t be back home until maybe next week.

Nerd on the fireline-
Did you happen to be in CO last year, as I have that quote on my board. Alot of engine crews had me make copies for them. Another saying my engine guys tell the new guys is “you don’t piss-off dispatch”. You were also right in that I am in a local dispatch office so I am not as busy and tend to watch over the crews and anybody else that gets called out. But to me it is great when you can reassure a wife or father or SO that their firefighter is okay. I want them to not worry all the time and they also feel better knowing that I’m going to do all I can to get a hold of their loved one if an emergency ever comes up.

Fire Momma-
Don’t worry I didn’t get offended. My SO is from the south, I’m not and I tease him all the time about they way he talks. I had so many Southern guys working on the forest last year that they all said I was a shoe-in to go to dispatch in the southern region because I could understand southern and not have them repeat everything. But it’s weird to hear them tell you that you have a western accent. I guess I do, but I can’t tell. Also let me warn you about your daughter, My daughter just turned 22 and she has done everything that girls are not “supposed” to do like play hardball baseball in high school on a all guys team or fight fires. She stands a whole 5’2″ and weighs 95lbs but can fight fires with the best of them. She is getting married next May and she is having an all male wedding as her two best friends are her brothers and they will give her away, then stand up for her. She did though decide to get married in a dress and not nomex like I thought might happen as she is marrying a FF. When she was young she played with hot wheels and lincoln logs or legos. Dolls weren’t allowed anywhere near her by her own choosing. I wouldn’t trade that for nothing. She makes me proud! Momma, I love reading your advice and your adventures. Keep writing in, as you are wise beyond your years.

Taz Girl-
I usually just dispatch out of the local office but if I do get a chance to go out I usually don’t know anybody. It sounds like you are friendly enough that you would make friends easily. I know my SO always says that he can’t take me anywhere that I don’t know somebody or somebody doesn’t recognize me or my voice. But he wouldn’t love me any other way. How do you think I met him. He made me break all my rules when he asked me out last year after talking to me on the phone a couple of times. I had a rule I would never date anybody I worked with even if it was to dispatch him for a few weeks. But that was the best thing I ever did as we have been together 14 months and he cries as much as me when we leave each other. I know how you feel when you don’t hear from your SO as I start to worry and get upset if it’s even been a few days without talking to him. The longest we have not talked to each other was for 6 days back in January and he said he didn’t ever want to do that again. He carries a calling card in case his cell phone doesn’t work in certain areas of the country which happens alot with his subscriber. This page is the best for all of us to keep in touch with people who know what were feeling and not be judged. Guys, keep me laughing and if I can help in any way just send a post and I’ll keep in touch.

Southern Loving

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