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  • 08/28/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I have to tell you guys this then I am off to dreamworld and it will not be about moths and flames. I told everyone this a while back but I think it is applicable.

In the off season my FF does structure and EMS for the local system. One Saturday he was at training and I knew he was driving one of the new engines. This is not a brush truck but a real big normal fire truck……I carry a scanner with me sometimes when we are suppose to meet up later and I will know when to start home….anyway. I am on my way to town for something and I stop at the local, (we have one) gas station to fill up my rig. The tones go off and I turn the scanner up while I fill my car…from the scanner I know my FF is answering up a call south of where I was at the station and I heard them coming.

Sirens blaring and air horn blowing they make a huge, impressive sight heading off to save someone….and it is impressive, just like the Calvary.

As the engine came thru the intersection I could see my FF, in all his glory, and his officer for the day was leaning forward looking for traffic and they were just doing what they always do to get to a call. Well, one of the ladies said “aren’t they just the sexiest, hunks you have ever seen?” to her friends….,,and my mouth (not brain) said, “naw, their not that impressive,I sleep with one of them every night” Well, by the looks on their faces I did not make a very good impression so I just calmly got my receipt from the pump and got back in a drove off. On the way to town I was sure hoping none of those ladies knows the Officers wife……any way the jest of the story is…..we all live with this 24/7 and the excitement and the hero stuff wears off and you guys and I and all other FF SO are left with reality. And sometimes our FF need to be brought back to reality also…..and we are definitely the ones that can do it……goodnight .tired


more from Sammi this morning:
I can’t remember if any of you have SO’s on the Mineral Primm fire in the Lolo National Forest North east of Missoula, Mt. My FF called and said they have established 4 new spike camps and have over 1200 FF on it. he said a whole bunch of people from Calif got there today……(another story)

I went to the Lolo National Forest web page and it lists all the states the FF on this fire are from…..impressive list if you are interested……fire is listed at 60% contained but that is because they combined it with another fire…..he said they watched one of the fires east of them blow up this afternoon,,,,said it was one of the more impressive ones. I don’t know which one he was watching….


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