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  • 08/28/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I just read back over your post. I didn’t dispose of the Bionicle out the window. I disposed of the television out the front door. My daughter and my husband were arguing very loudly over who should be able to watch what. I participated in the resolution of that argument. After the television “died” we listened to “The October Project” on the stereo. It was my television from when I was single, so I had no guilt whatsoever launching it out onto the sidewalk. As I said, its final “death sighs” were extremely pleasing to me. On the flip side, it did NOT set a good example for my daughter in terms of argument resolution. It was just the combination of 1) loud arguing and 2) arguing over television that sent me “over the edge.” I am pretty militant about TV. I think it insidiously steals our ability to be creative and think original thoughts. I really shouldn’t say this, but, the looks on both of their faces were priceless. There is no misconception now how I feel either about television or arguing.

When I say “TV” I really mean network programming. I do love movies. Usually alternative, or independent, or foreign. I think they can be inspiring rather than a brain suck. It just depends on the ability of the producer and screen writer…and the original story, of course. Unfortunately, in the small (extremely conservative, extremely white…) burg we call “home” I can’t seem to find anything in the movie shops worth watching. A friend of mine turned me on to NetFlix. It enables me to order movies online that I could never find here. I just watched “The Hours” EXCELLENT! “Adaptation” is another one. (How do I watch these without a TV? I got a DVD player put into my computer. Ooooooohhhhh. I’m soooo sneaky!) We also have a DVD player, a LCD projector (for business presentations of course) and a big white sheet we hang on the wall for “Big Screen” movie nights.

Hoosier…your suggestion was really right on. I’m just afraid that…should I bring all the wives of my fallers together…I’d be playing “124 questions” all night. You know…I could use someone’s shoulder to lean on too. That’s what you guys are wonderful for. Thank you.

Fire Momma

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