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  • 08/27/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hey everyone,

I’ve been out of touch for a while getting ready for school to resume, but I’m
back. My one great thing for the day is my FF will be coming home soon.
YIPPEEE! Today was his last workday, and he will be demobing tomorrow. I can
only hope that he makes it all the way back across the country by tomorrow
night, I can’t fathom being alone for another long day.

Taz Girl:

I’m not sure if it will help your relationship any but here is my approach that
helped my alcohol loving FF realize how I felt about his actions. My FF also
likes to drink, more than is good for him. We made a promise to one another
about a month ago, and so far it is working really well. He didn’t want me
drinking around guys, especially if he wasn’t there, and knowing his past
experiences, I wasn’t too fond of the idea of him drinking around many girls
either. We laid out the rule that we only drink together, and if occasionally
we want to drink with our buddies that we call first and make sure that the
other is ok with it and it doesn’t interfere with our plans together. I posted
early this month about the last time my FF was out west and he spent several
days drinking in bars with his crew instead of calling home to let us know that
he was ok. Well, this is the current policy for our relationship involving
alcohol. It seems to be working, we respect one another more for saying what
bothers us and making a motion to fix it.

I know this isn’t exactly feasible in your situation of being away from your
FF, but maybe it can help you decide what kind of ground rules you need to lay
for the issue. Best of Luck to you!

Fire Momma,

Thanks again for all of the info you put in for the care package. In the end
it didn’t work out to send it. I got a phone call from my FF that said the
rules for food in camp were pretty tight with the grizzlies so close by. I
guess it is good that I didn’t send those homemade banana nut bread loaves that
I was so excited about baking….After the phone call I could see a big grizzly
gnawing on all of my hard work. I am just glad that this trip is over, it
seems like an eternity since I’ve laid eyes on my FF.

To the Artista,

The fire/helicopter painting is truly amazing. I am envious of your talent, my
stick people are even hard to recognize. Thank you so much for sharing your
art with the rest of us. However, you did make my life more difficult, if my
FF sees your painting he is going to wonder why he found a science geek that
likes to cause test tube explosions instead of an artist! I would love to see
more paintings is you have them.

This board is turning into a really high class place to hang out with the art
and poetry. All that we’re missing now is someone robbing us blind with
expensive coffee. Keep aspiring, all dreams can be reached if the dreamer has
enough heart….


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