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  • 08/27/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Fire Momma

I’m doing great, thanks for asking. We have overcast skies and rain and my guy is getting R&R today! And we have REAL RAIN – not that cracking lightning, crashing thunder and five minute downpour stuff, but honest to goodness steady light rain without fireworks! Hurray! You can actually smell the moisture in the air, it has to be the most refreshing thing I’ve experienced in a while. I have all the windows and doors open so I can take full advantage of it.

I think I’m finally getting a handle on the firefighting schedule. I’m actually unprepared at times when my guy has R&R because time slipped away from me and I find myself saying, “Has it been 14 days already?!” Of course, part of that is because I’m a hopeless procrastinator – why do today what you can put off until next week? (LOL)

Of course TazGirl’s Adventures in Roller Derby has been a great distraction. I find myself haunting Family Said at least once a day just to see what’s going on with her and all the others.

Well better go for now, I still need to clean house before you know who gets home! What can I say?

Take care all,
Heli Groupie

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