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  • 08/27/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Bambi-this may take some tough love.

Are you married to your SO, and are you talking about basic bills like rent/mortgage, food, utilities? Do you have other bills under separate names? Does he get unemployment? If you aren’t married, and do have separate (other then living) expenses, the answer is simple-don’t pay any of his bills with your money. If he is the one dealing with the consequences, it may (and I stress the word may) change his behavior. If you are having a hard time just meeting basic living needs-calculate how much you need to make it through a year-then take a look at his OT and see how much you need to put in savings to make it though the lean season. Will he talk about and make commitments to long term financial goals (including not spending that OT to make sure that winter expenses are covered)? If not, you may need to “decouple” your financial lives in order to maintain your relationship, and your mental/financial health. A visit to a financial advisor who can help you outline the “big picture” and provide neutral third party advice to your SO may also be helpful.
Whatever you do, please don’t compromise YOUR financial situation because of his behavior.

Clark Howard Groupie

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