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  • 08/26/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I’m off the clock but having trouble getting up and leaving. Maybe just going home to that empty house is not looking too good right now. So I am sitting here reading all the newspaper articles about the First Strike guys. All we can do is offer our prayers and send support via this list to the family, friends, co-workers and even the FF left out on the fires. We all know they are heavy hearted also and it’s tougher for them because they do not have ready information available. Like I have already said I have never heard silence before and I did Sunday Night when I told my husband about the accident. last night He said they made the announcement at briefing yesterday and then had a moment of silence in respect for the loss.

Poet mentioned “don’t know what to say”. Believe me, there is nothing to say. I can honestly say “been there done that” and the parents and families of these guys are just numb. The stages of grief are real and people go thru them at different speeds and different degrees. These families have awesome support around them and they will come through this ok but it is damn hard and grieving is hard work.

I remember a few years ago our baby boy……got his first call to go out on a fire down on the Clearwater. He had been working all day stacking slash and was just exhausted. He washed up, put on sweats and passed out on the floor. Some time after midnight the phone rang and we all knew what it was so the whole house set up a motion to get him on his way. (didn’t take a lot he had his packs ready weeks before) he was to leave from the base about 35 miles away and he fully intended to drive his pickup to town and leave it for when he came back. Unbeknown to me….my husband went out first and started his pickup and told—–“throw your stuff in the back son, I’m driving”. Lots of hugs and be carefuls later they left. I was so proud of both of them. Memories will mean a lot to the mom’s and dad’s of these firefighters.

“be safe—-don’t be a hero”…..thats the last thing my guys hear from me if I see them before they leave …

I’m going home now. and I am gonna be thinking about these wonderful, vibrant, young guys all sacked out all over that van dreaming of all the fun, hard work and great adventures they had in Idaho with their buds. to bad wishes can’t be bought at the store…..


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