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  • 08/25/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Remember the old saying…”Ignorance is Bliss…?”

The way I handled the particular situation you seem to be going through was to hand all bills and bill paying over to my SO. This, after his complaints that we didn’t have enough $ because I spent so much. I said, “Oh, really?” “Alright…” So, I gathered up the bills, made a full accounting (listing) of the regular monthly bills, as well as the periodic ones and showed him the budget for things like food, gas, etc. Balanced the checkbook to the penny. Placed the checkbook squarely on top of it all…and said…”Have at it, my love.”

Approximately two weeks later my (now sweet and soft spoken) SO sits me down and apologizes for making the initial assumption. He also now has a full appreciation of where the money comes from and where it goes to, the timing, any gaps if there are any…and how I handled those.

Rather than raised voices and finger pointing (well, with the exception of the beginning of this episode) this seemed to bring us together in terms of household planning, budget and bill paying.

So, to swing around to my first point…For your SO, perhaps ignorance is “bliss”, but his ignorance (or denial) certainly doesn’t appear to be leading to yours. I suggest turning up the heat.

Good luck.

I don’t believe we’ve heard the results of Sunday’s roller derby match??????

Fire Momma

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