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  • 08/24/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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To anybody and everybody,

Thanks Nerd. BUT I need help. Read on:

My Question is has anyone experienced this situation before? read on:

My SO had a pretty good job working in a rock quarry. It did have its ups and downs just like any other job. And he was beginning to get burned out with it. BUT when he decided to pursue wildland firefighting, they (rock quarry) wouldn’t let him off so he quit his job and moved on to Wildland FF. I support him every step of the way and then some. I have never told him he couldn’t go do wildland firefighting. My SO loves going and fighting fire out west or where ever it takes him. To this day, my SO is afraid to get another job because he is afraid they won’t let him off to go to a fire. His last employer wouldn’t let him off because my SO didn’t know how long he would be gone. He did tell them that he assumed it would be around two weeks or so. So he doesn’t do much of anything during off season. He has taken some odd jobs before because our bills are piling up. He wont even attempt finding another job because he is determined to think that no one will work with him. I’ve told him in a nice way how does he know they wont work with him if he doesn’t try? He claims he has tried but every thing was a bust. I feel like he didn’t try hard enough. It is very very very very stressful that he wont even try to get another job (steady job) to help pay our bills that we made together. I’m not telling him to quit WFF just find something to pick up the slack when he is home. I feel he is lucky to get to go out when he can. I hate to see him go but the bills need to be paid and what right do I have to tell him he can’t do WFF? I love my FF and wouldn’t trade him for the world and I don’t care what kind of job he has, just so it helps with the bills. I just wish he could see my side of this. The $-Keep in mind that both our money goes to the bills regardless. But when he hasn’t worked and I am the only one with the income, we get behind on everything and there is a gap. I know if he had a steady job that when he leaves it would help to get his paycheck plus my paycheck to keep combining them, then while he is gone it would help on the bills and the gap wouldn’t be so huge until he received his WFF check because my paycheck will still go in the bank just as his would.

Help me!!! What can I do to make my FF understand the gap.

I can’t get over how great this website is I appreciate everyone that participates on this site. Yall are just like my family. Speaking of family: We had a family gathering today. My grandpa is another year older. He has been telling me about the time they lived in MT and visited ID and the surrounding areas. As for the rest of the family they have no clue about what it takes to be married or in some peoples case, involved with a WFF. If they only could experience the feeling of loneliness.

Fire Wife,
I ask my SO in a nice way and I don’t think it bothers him to ask when he is coming home. I feel out of respect for us at home that they know we would ask them that very same question. Sometimes my SO knows and sometimes he doesn’t. But when he does find out he tells me without me asking him. I will ask him that very question just so I know if it bothers my man. P.S. good question.

Sorry so long guys.

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