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  • 08/24/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I don’t know if this will answer your questions or not, but hopefully this will help.

We live in Montana and since I’m relatively new to this also I don’t know if my situation is the norm or if I’m just stuck with a workaholic (or both), but for us fire season is never really over. It just slows down.

In the fall and winter months, my guy takes on prescribed burn assignments and then there are all the classes he takes getting ready for the next summer season. So he’s pretty much on the road all year. It’s just that he’s not gone as long or as much as in the spring and summer.

I’d say normally (of course these past few years have been anything but normal) fire season usually runs from late June to early September sometimes later. (Someone jump in here if I’m wrong – I’m going by memory when we last had a normal fire season). Last year, I know they were still fighting fires well into October because of lack of snow. I remember he even got called out in the winter to fight a small local fire.

What do they do in off months? Chomp at the bit waiting for signs of dry lightning! I’d have to say spring has got to be the worse season I know. He’s grumpy, anxious and you can see that glint of gold & red reflected in his eyes as you’re trying to hold a conversation with him, and you know he hasn’t heard a word you said because he’s thinking about fire season starting!

As for cell coverage…around here the general consensus seems to be CellularOne. Almost everyone I know is signed up with them because they seem to have the best coverage and the least holes. Also, you can get a 16 state plan (most of the western states) so that you don’t pay roaming when you’re in another state. There is also Verizon – they are probably the second choice around here and then there is a company called 3 Rivers Wireless – I don’t know much about them and how there coverage is outside of our area. There are quite a few people that I know who are signed up with them. A friend of mine in Idaho is signed up with Qwest but can’t use her cell where I live because we don’t have that service available in my area. So when you do call a company to sign up, I’d suggest you ask for specifics about where their coverage is, or you may find out after all that the phone still doesn’t work.

Lastly, speaking for myself…you bet you can post poetry! I really enjoyed the first one you posted. I should have said something earlier.

Anyway, I hope I helped out.

Take care everyone! Hey, by the way has anyone heard from FireMomma? She hasn’t posted for a while so I was just curious.

Heli Groupie

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