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  • 08/24/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I like the poem you posted on 8/20. It is so true. I would also like to know the answers to your questions posted on 8/23. When my SO went out on a crew for the first time to Utah, I was terrible. I cried like a baby because that was the first time we had been apart for a long period of time since we had been married in 93′. We do everything together. I wouldn’t even stay in our house because everything I looked at reminded me of him. Yes I went to my parents house until he came back. My parents decided to get me involved in something. I taught myself to paint. That very night I painted a jar for the first time and it turned out pretty good. Everyone was as impressed as much as I was. I have always wanted to paint but never had until then. I was so wrapped up in painting that I lost track of time. Painting also took my mind off of worrying about my hubby and had me concentrating on the painting at hand. I sat for 3 to 4 hours painting that one jar. Talk about passing time. I really enjoy painting because its fun. Anyone can do it if I can do it.

Hints: I use acrylic paint on any glass jar and terra-cotta pots (this is the most fun).
The paint only costs around $0.44 for a 2 fluid oz. (trust me it goes a long way).
Play with the paint to get a feel of it. I used a paper plate to learn on.
Daisies are my favorite to paint.

Just a note for all of you that has a SO out on the fire and away from home. When my SO calls me I always let him hang up first. I made a mistake of hanging up first one time and I heard him talking right before I turned my cell off. I felt awful, especially after I realized what I had done. That is why I let him hang up first.

If your So is out firefighting, find a hobby to keep you busy. It WILL pass the time and you wont worry as much. good luck finding that hobby.


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