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  • 08/22/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Thanks Paula for the sensible calming advice for FF families and friends about the hectic schedules on these fires in the Northern Rockies. Worry does no one good, positive thinking just might help. When a thought of my son crosses the old brain pan I try to immediately relax, breathe, and sBE love just in case he’s listening.

I heard from him from somewhere outside of Missoula the other night on a terrible cell phone connection. It was a fun if interrupted chat.
FF: Hey mom! Why’d you …message … dispatch?
Mom: Four reasons. 1, U of M accepted your transfer and is delaying registration for FFs.
FF: Huh.
Mom: 2, your roomie ISN’T detoured to Iraq for three years and is ready to go Plan A.
FF: What? . . . crackle crackle …Holy cow!
Mom: 3, you have a great apartment waiting a few blocks from campus.
FF: Oh man, what? . . . crackle…You kidding? Geez . . . #%# That’s great.
Mom: …(love interest news–good)
FF: (Laugh, screech, cuss, laugh.) Where can I call you Tuesday? I gotta think about this.

SO, I’m glad when we can talk, but it’s gotta be short and sweet!!! Good luck everyone, snow’s on its way. I can’t remember a September that didn’t have a good snow in the mountains the first or second weekend.

Montana Mom

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