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  • 08/21/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Thanks for the encouragement Nerd. I think I worry about telling him just for the same reasons that you were talking about…just not wanting him to think that I’m doing it to follow him around or something. I mean, I know full well that going into fire next season would mean I would see him barely more than I do now. So I went on my first walking/running routine yesterday. I did what I think it was FireChica was saying…the 15 minute mile, walking briskly. And that’s exactly how long it took me, 15 minutes, no more, no less. Then I walked another qtr. mile and then jogged the last 3/4. Jogged!! I haven’t jogged in years because generally, I hate it. But you know, it wasn’t all that bad and didn’t wear me out as much as it used to. Then when the dog and I got back to the house, I did 100 crunches and 20 “man” sit-ups. Whew! Felt so good to get out there and do something! It’s not that I’m inactive. I’m in pretty good shape actually. But I never do stuff that I make myself do. It’s always a class I take or roller derby where I have to show up. So the self-discipline factor made me feel just as good as the workout. And I’m starting an exercise journal too. I’m excited… Hope I can stick w/ it. I told my FF last night and he was very encouraging as well.

It’s funny the difference in talking to him at night as opposed to morning. He is so dog tired and exhausted at night that he barely participates in the conversation, which he fully acknowledges. But I don’t really mind and don’t harp him about it because I know it’s not personal and because he really is just that tired. It can be disappointing but I just remind myself that he calls twice a day when his cell works, and that effort alone says a lot. I’m trying to decide if I should tell him on his days off about my idea of dispatching next season. Or if I should just wait until I’ve really made up my mind. I think I’ll at least throw it out there and let him know I’m considering it.

Do some of you live in/around Missoula, MT? I’m looking for a place to settle after moving from Austin and that is one of the places I’m looking at. It looks like they have a great University from what I can tell and I might want to go there for post-bachelor school…as yet undecided. It seems like a really great place in general w/ a lot to offer. Are the people nice, open, friendly? That is of huge importance to me. I haven’t found any place so far to be as friendly as Austin. Any info. on Missoula would be appreciated.

Everyone hang in there. Fire season will be over soon enough and then we can get on this message board during the winter and complain that our FF’s are driving us crazy. :)


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