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  • 08/21/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I know exactly what you guys are talking about as far as when they call, maybe I need to vent or need support and he rambles about the fire.

I hadn’t heard from my ‘old man” for several days and he called last night. Well, day before yesterday I had the day from hell. anyway….for 20 min (he was not in camp) I listened to fire talk…and lots of instructions on what needed to be paid and who I needed to call for him….then about 30 seconds before our time was up he says “how are things?’ My weak little answer was “ok, everythings fine” .I never unload on him because I want him concentrating on his self and the fire, for safety.

We have been married forever, have kids on the fire lines and grandkids so we are not young inexperienced at this fire relationship stuff and we still have those burps where I get off the phone all teary and just wanting a hug. And he goes right back to his fire and doesn’t have a clue. I have found that if I call one of our daughters or a close friend right after one of these calls from him, I vent on them and they know me well enough to just listen and then I really am ok. I find I just need to spout and release the emotions and then I can be rational again. I know we are all super strong independent women (and men) or our FF would not have been attracted to us. They need SO’s that are ok when we have the day from hell……..and just from talking to you guys I know you fit that description. Is it easy NO!!!! Are they worth it? Yea!!!!!!!! Sammi……who really is rational most of the time

FYI: if you go to the wffoundation.org that is the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. They have lapel pins with FF Logo that is $5.00. The money is for assistance to FF etc….I have one of the ribbon pins and wear it on the collar of my denim jacket. I am ordering the Ring Of Fire Pin today they are really nice pins.

Followup post re identities:
I support the communication and introductions for the Family list and I think that is a possible way for some of the list to have a huge support system. But, it would be totally voluntary. Not to try and be secretive but some of us cannot let our identities be known for several reasons. (and the Abs have gone way beyond the extra mile to protect us in that area, sort of like the Fire Secret Witness protection) so my vote says yes……with the suggestion you be careful because we are open and on the net and anyone reading these posts knows your guy is not with you…..cautious Sammi here

Maybe there could be a list that is more-or-less private to the participants and that circles behind the scenes and not on familysaid. I’d be happy to facilitate that if you like. When you write in with identity, you could say how public/private you want the info to be. I’d be willing to email the final list out to the regular familysaid posters. It could be updated every 2 weeks if the readership grows.


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