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  • 08/21/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hello to all out there sitting at home patiently waiting for their FF SO’s. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this message board. I check it sooo many times a day at work and am always happy to see new posts. Glad to see we have some new joiners. Welcome.

Thanks for all the advice regarding training, especially Nerd and FireChica. I am going out today to do that brisk walk. I’m going to start on the daily sit-ups and crunches too. I’m pretty strong and would really like to realize my full potential. The pack and the sledge hammer might take a while to materialize. I’m excited though. I’m still heavily leaning towards dispatching though. I got an encouraging e-mail from a guy w/ the Alaska BLM that I had e-mailed earlier. He was really nice and suggested the D-110. I told him I was going to try and take the S130/190 and he said that was a great idea. The D-110 here in Tx will be near impossible for me to get off of work to take. Hopefully I can find somewhere else to take it later. He said that they are always in need of good dispatchers and they are always in short supply and that it was something good to get into. I’m excited. Wonder when I should tell my FF what my crazy plans are. Can’t wait to hear his reaction…good or bad.

He is on the Withington fire in Idaho. His days off are coming up soon and I sooo wish I would be in SLC again to spend them with him. Oh well right? He apparently is pretty discouraged w/ some of the scene and has mentioned quitting. Hope he hangs in there. He needs the money no matter how badly I want to see him. Thank heavens for cellphones!!! I have been able to talk to him almost daily. Sometimes he even calls to say hello in the morning and then at night too. What a luxury.

Southern Loving, I want to pose this question to you again because I am so curious. Since you don’t work with a crew, are you isolated bumping around from fire to fire alone? Do you have to travel alone? Just curious. It will be hard enough w/ it being my first season, I mean, a little intimidating, so I was wondering about the alone issue. Just really curious about the logistics since you’re not w/ a crew. I have found less information about dispatching than any other position in fire it seems.

Everyone take care and hang in there. Hey, at least it’s not 105 degrees and humid as hell like it is in Texas. Thank your lucky stars for that.

Oh and Nerd, that dispatch quote was hilarious!! Poet, the poem was great too.


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