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  • 08/20/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Has anyone else heard from their SO (the crew VA ) from the Crazy Horse Fire, MT since Saturday, August 16, 2003?

My husband is on the Crazy Horse Fire and I was wondering why he hasn’t called me. I haven’t heard from him since Saturday August 16, 2003. I know he is busy but he usually has called me by now. I am beginning to get really worried. I know if anything was bad wrong they would call me, but it helps to hear his voice. I know they have four phones at the camp. He also has a cell phone and I think he doesn’t have service. He is on crew VA .

Your input would help me a great deal.

Old R5er,
I read your article posted 8/4/03 on Family Said. It makes sense. You’re right about the three rules to a good relationship. #-1 don’t fight on the phone, #-2 don’t fight on the phone, & #-3 don’t fight on the phone. You were right about a lot of other things too. My husband has tried to get me to take the training to go out west with him. I just can’t see me huffing and puffing up and down those steep and rugged mountains. Everything you said has hit home to me. Usually, I asked him to call me but this time, I didn’t. I haven’t heard from him since Saturday. Usually he calls me within a couple of days. Well it’s been four days. When he doesn’t call it really works on the mind. I think of the worst, then I think, well, he is tired, or there’s a long line to the phone, or maybe he just doesn’t want to call. But I know better than that. When he can call, he calls me or if he was hurt they would tell me. I just feel better hearing from him. enough of my sob story. Thanks for your story on 8/4/03.

Worried wife in VA, Bambi

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