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  • 08/19/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Well….from day one this list has been discussing how to keep up with the roving FF….and honestly there is no solid way. We all have our little habits that keep us in the loop as much as possible. Guarantee: if we came up with a solid plan the powers that be would change the whole picture the next day.

I like the idea of anytime anyone related to or working with a member of a crew calls and passes the info along the line. We do that as a family,,,,sort of the phone tree thing. There have been nights when I have received calls from everyone in my family and then it will be days and no news as long as I don’t see that uniform walking up my path I know it’s been an ok day…..

firewife: as far as the little ones….we have a three yr old in the family and she is soooo smitten with her dad she just sobs when he leaves with his packs. She knows now when the packs leave dad is going somewhere. He came up with the idea to give her something to “keep” for him till he gets back. So, he gave her one of his old gloves……I think her mom had a lot to do with this because her thinking was if Suzie (pseudo) loses one she can replace it with the match. Anyway, so far that is helping a lot. That glove is sucked on, chewed on, hauled around everywhere. I guess it’s like a blankie to her. Mom was not exactly thrilled to have Suzie attached to the “glove from hell ” going to church and around town but g’pa says,,,”be glad it wasn’t a boot” . That would have been what he would have left with our kids………

I’ve mentioned this before but maybe it would help with the little ones…..put a large map of the “western” states up on the freezer…and keep marking or flagging where dad is or has been . I still do this for me….I also tape newspaper articles or pictures they bring back to my maps and at the end of season we have a journal of sorts….maybe if the kids are old enough they could be in charge of the maps etc…..

Are you living close to other FF families or are you in more of a college town? I guess I am slow but it just dawned on me….we could all be in the same county…….anyway. FF families are a thousand light years away from “normal” families. They do not understand our lifestyles, but they do want the information we have and the exciting stories….and they (females) are soooooo taken with the FF macho image…..if they only knew the truth….keep smiling, take care of yourselves and try to get out and do something everyday even if it is to put them in the stroller and walk around the block…..


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