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  • 08/19/2002
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There’s a MOM trying to get a message to her son that he needs to call the university where he’s just been accepted. The back and forth happened on theysaid, but I thought you might be interested in COMT’s information on sending an emergency message. Ab.

Clarification for those needing to send an emergency message:

As for getting messages to people on assignment. I
work in communications and most messages of this type
go thru commo and I have had to handle these

Get the message to the local dispatch office that
assigned them.

The way it works is that when a family emergency comes
thru requiring return home (death in family, someone in
emergency room in bad shape), the travel arrangements
are sometimes made when the home dispatch is initially
informed. (As far as I know this is for Federal
personnel, I have not had to inform a contractor yet,
so I am not sure what the procedure would be).

When communications receives a family emergency
message the established procedure (on some fire
management teams, and if they have one) is to inform
the human resource officer (this the touchy-feely
person who looks out for the personal welfare and
behavior of fire personnel) who then would arrange the
best way to handle the situation. You can never tell
what their reaction might be to receiving bad news and
the human resource person will try to help as best
they can.

From personal experience the worst feeling is having
the division supervisor pull you aside to hand deliver
a message to you, with a driver there to take you back
into camp.

Anyway, usually there are established procedures to
get a person home for such situations, or deliver an
important message. So have your loved one leave the
phone number to the dispatch office that assigned them
just in case.


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