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  • 08/17/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Well hello to EVERYONE new, lurking, sitting back and scanning etc…..I was behind in welcomes so I hope everyone feels they are at the right place.

Believe me I know how you feel about plans going sideways. We were in church today and my hubby’s pager went off and it took about three seconds for him to jaunt out to the hall to call…..yep,,,,,he comes back to the door and nods so I knew we were leaving….Montana calls. That has happened at least three times this summer. Everyone there knows what has happened so they just nod as I gather up my things and follow the crazy man out…..

to be perfectly honest. We have been doing this a LONG time and sometimes it bothers me a lot and sometimes it is a break. I do much better when he is out on a fire and I know the start date and the end time. He also volunteers for the local structure district and that is the really hard one. They can get toned, go out for 3+ hours, get back to the station and get toned again for the rest of the day or night. That I have a BIG problem with……throw in a bizillion hours monthly for training and we never see each other. Thank good that is a winter thing…..So for me wildland is much less stressful.

If we don’t have kids we all seem to have dogs or other pets so that helps. At least the dog loves me and enjoys my company enough to stay here. Not to mention security…..and, today I bought two fish…..now they should be lots of help.

The key to survival is stay busy. A lot of folks here work outside the home,,,,,some are stay at home moms with little ones……I remember that and the man was lucky I did not kill him for leaving me alone so much with a houseful of screaming kids. And guess how calming it is to have 4 little boys and two girls playing FIREFIGHTER all the time…..honestly if I could have I probably would have signed them all up for fire duty. They just were not tall enough. Now most of them are FF and they have their own kids (some of them) and I am hearing from spouses about all the stress…..there are no easy answers….we have discussed here lots of ways we cope so read back thru the archives and I’m sure we have covered every issue. We need each other so everybody welcome and if anyone hasn’t spoken up….please do……we need ya…..


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