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  • 08/17/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi J and welcome to our support group. We have little bit of everything here…. we have all age groups, mom’s wives, g’ma’s, significant others, guy’s, gals and a few of the FF come along every once in a while. If you have time read back thru the previous messages starting at the earliest and I think you will find some very good info. We answer all questions and comment a lot maybe even when we shouldn’t. Never a shortage of advice.

Tired in northzone…….please explain the “naming- names” in your post. On the “family said” or ????? I guess we need to caution…..even if we feel it necessary to use a name,,,,change it. In my post….if and seldom when, everyone is Joe……last week I used Joe and Ab changed it further, which I thanked Ab for because sometimes we do write when we are stressed or very tired and not thinking clearly…….believe me. I have no doubt if I wrote something and named one of my people it would take less than 12 hours for the whole world of FF too hear about it. I get a little worried here sometimes but the Abs have been VERY helpful in keeping me out of too much trouble. So to them we need to send lots of thx, thx,, thx thx and more thx……,..,.big mouth (fingers) Sammi

We aim to please (and protect) but don’t want it to stifle discussion. We think people posting here do very well. Often support is just feeling you have someone to talk with.


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