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  • 08/15/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Well guys, driving in to work this am the smoke was starting on the western horizon…..at noon there was no blue sky and no sun at all……….. driving home tonight I couldn’t see the mountains which are as close as three miles on one side of the highway…. made a couple of calls and found out we are in the middle of the smoke from Glacier and Canada….. so we are very stuck in the middle of some air inversion (some of you weather dudes help me here) and they are saying could be several days before it moves off…when hubby calls from Old Robert in Glacier tonight I’m gonna tell him to get that thing out right now.. (I did tell him if he had put it out the first time he was up there he would not have had to go back……. heck I’ve got more smoke around me than most of the FF out there…… and our little sweeties dad did go out today so she is not a happy camper…. takes a couple days for her to settle down then it starts over,,,, poor kid just not old enough to get it…….

Hoosier…..if your guy is going to the Flathead Nat Forest do you know if it is the Robert Fire in the South end of glacier? What kind of outfit is he with? Our volunteer dept here has several engines and tenders out there so maybe they will see each other. It amazes me with as many FF as there are out there roaming around how they manage to find old friends and look up people they don’t know for other people.

I picked up the film today my SO brought back from his first tour with Old Robert and they are awesome…..he has never been the assigned photographer in the family but this time fate was with us they are spectacular. If I get my scanner going I’ll send in a couple…

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