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  • 08/15/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Wooohoooo, Sammi!

Thank you ma’am, for the support…I’m sure there are substandard vollie crews out there, but speaking for those of us who really do work our rear ends off (I’m sure vfd capt’n would back my up on this): I hate it when I’ve worked an eight or ten hour day on my rear job, gone on a couple of ambulance runs (at >2 hours a piece, we’re RURAL), then got called a fire and been looked at like I’m some sort of invertebrate because I’m not a professional. On the other hand, I love it when some IC who’s used to dealing with hotshots comes walking down our line and looks at us with his eyes all big and you know he just learned a little extra respect for the ‘weekend warriors’. I had an explosives engineering prof at one point who used to say “You never know who you’re lecturing to.” That hold true for all of us on the line. There’s damn good vollie crews (I’m privileged to think I belong to one of them) and there’s bad shot crews, good contract engines and bad federal engines, and you never know who you’re lecturing to until you’ve seen them with the flames reflected in their eyes.

Nerd on the Fireline

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