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  • 08/13/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hello again. Looks like the fire season took a week off and has now cranked back up again to a Level 5 huh? My little office and desk seem a little pathetic compared to all the adventures to be had out there right now. But then again, I’m not working 16 hour days either.

Been able to talk to my HS a lot more these last few days now that he upped his cell phone minutes and has been where there is coverage. What a luxury to get to chat for longer than three minutes. They were in Ely, NV and now are enroute to Salmon, ID. It was nice to meet all his buddies over the weekend and put faces w/ the names. They were real nice to me as well. I’m trying to not even ponder the fact that it will be another two months at least until we meet again.

Which leads into suggestions for Hoosier Fire Wife: I think Nerd on the Fireline had a good one about doing things (treats) to look forward to or that pamper you. I really enjoy cooking for myself also. It takes a lot of time to make a great meal and therefore, you enjoy it a lot more too. And you can make whatever your heart desires since you’re feeding only you. I watch a lot of movies too. I consider those a treat. I go out w/ friends quite a bit and hang out w/ roommates. But I do not have any children, so I have a lot of free time. I took an exercise class for 5 weeks that helped to keep me busy. I play tennis alone and whack it against the board as hard as I can…good to get frustrations out. A concert here, dinner w/ someone there…just things to look forward to and mark off the time. And writing letters always makes me feel a little more connected too. But journaling can serve that same purpose. I need to get back into that. And a new hobby goes a long way too. So there you are…some suggestions. I try not to look ahead too much (as mentioned above). One day at a time seems much easier.

A big thanks to everyone for their suggestions regarding the experience I need. I have made some headway today. I found that the place in Texas (the ONLY one…that I’ve found anyway) that provides the classes you all mentioned, is only 30 minutes from here! I can’t believe the luck. And it is very affordable. I’m not sure how I can fit it into my work schedule, but I think I should be able to. I’m going to try to get the S-130/S-190 and maybe even the D-100. I will have to get the 260/261 maybe in the spring. At least after reading some fire books mentioned on this site and taking these classes I’ll have a much better idea if this idea is a passing fancy or something I legitimately would like to get into.

Nerd on the Fireline, your HS quote was hilarious. I suppose part of me not wanting to tell him, is because I want to see first how serious I am about it. And I don’t want him to think I’m doing it b/c of him or anything like that. Makes sense, right? And part of me would like to try being on the line, like Cache King mentioned. But what if we were hiking some steep terrain and I couldn’t go any further? Or digging a line and I was too sore to go on? The thought of that terrifies me…of not being able to keep up. (although I am tough…just not sure about endurance)

Well, enough for now. Thanks again fire friends and Ab. The information and support on this website is invaluable and unmatched. What a great resource.

Tazlina Girl

You’re welcome. You mean I-100, the Intro to the Incident Command System, right?


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