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  • 08/13/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Tazlina Girl;
Some really good classes to take would be S-130/S-190…that’s the first, basic fire behavior and fire fighting tactics course. You might check out your local community colleges for one that offers a degree in Fire Behavior (I think Ab has a list posted, but you might want to fish around on your own). Not all 130-190s are created equal, though…try to find one (if you have the option) that has a field portion, not just classroom time. I had a great one where we did an actual live burn and got to run through everything from ignition to mop up, acting as a squad. I’d also recommend getting some medical training. CPR for sure, First Responder (or Wilderness First Responder), EMT-Basic if you want to make the commitment. I’ve never heard of crew who thought that an extra medic on the line would be a bad thing.

I think it’s so funny that you haven’t told your HS about this…because I did exactly the same thing. I’d decided that fire was something I really had to do about two years before I had the opportunity to get into it ‘for real’, and I never told my HS about it. When I did get into it (after we broke up) I just sent him a pic of my crew. Floored him pretty good. But one thing he said a number of times keeps coming back to haunt me. “If you’re tough enough to be a Hotshot’s girl, you’re tough enough to be a Hotshot.”

Hoosier Fire wife:
Two things I found really help with the alone time: a hobby you enjoy (even if it’s just reading) and making a concentrated effort to have something to look forward to every day. I used to try to give myself a treat every afternoon or evening; one chocolate, a wildflower, or my favorite, frozen dark cherries. Just a nice little present you can give yourself. That cheered me up enormously. I also found that taking a little effort to cook something nice for just myself for dinner did wonders for my attitude. Makes you feel cared for, even if just you doing the caring. Keeping a journal also helps a lot.

Nerd on the Fireline

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