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  • 08/10/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Thanks for writing in BLM Bob. I remember my sister reading that book. She
had just come back from being dispatched to the Grand Canyon area. She
liked it too. The reviews of the books are helpful. I appreciate the Abs work
on the website. I am glad some male firefighters like you are writing in here.
We can use the perspective.

Ab, thanks for the info on the Wildland Firefighters Foundation. Like most, I
donate some money to different pet “causes” every year. This sounds like a
good one and I sent in a check. I do hope my family never needs their services.
Ab, do you know if they have solicited funding from any of the larger granting
kinds of institutions? Sometimes hiring someone to do that can be a good move.
I can’t imagine simultaneously trying to fundraise and to deal with grieving families.
Well, enough of that. Wish I knew some rich people to hit up for donations.


Robbie, I talked with them yesterday. $10s and $25s from lots of people add up to money that really helps our community. I think they have gotten someone to chase down larger donations or grants. From what I understand, that process will still take time, 6-8 months from now, to bear fruit. Question is will the Foundation folks have a daily struggle to make ends meet until large funding can be obtained? They provide a critical service, some serious money to families, sometimes fly them to their loved ones side, smooth the way, etc. Only one person at the Foundation is on “payroll” (I think). I sent in my check yesterday. Got ready to mail it, thought of the need, reopened my envelope and dug a little deeper. Can’t say enough good stuff about the Foundation and the need they fill.


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