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  • 08/09/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Whoa! I haven’t read Family Said much – I usually hang out over on the They
Said side – but after reading this month’s posts, I’ll lurk over here a LOT
more. You all are exploring and discussing really important and fascinating
topics here. Kudos to you all.

I just have a couple of suggestions before I fade back into the woodwork.
Some books were recommended for reading on what it’s like at fires, but I
didn’t see anyone suggest “Fire on the Rim” by Stephen Pyne. An excellent
read about the life and work of a firefighter. (Check the Books page and Reviews. Ab.)

The other suggestion is inspired by Heli Groupie’s (formerly AMM) great
story about taking a batch of goodies out to the fire – cool move! At one
point during my long career I was married to a helitack crewmember and I was
working in a coordination center. One year her birthday came up while she
was at a major rager in Southern Arizona. It took a lot of telephone time,
but I found out where the helibase was through dispatch and located a
florist in a nearby town. I was able to get a dozen roses delivered to her
at the helibase. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t cheap, and the roses died before
sundown in the Arizona heat, but it was worth it. Let’s just say that I got
really “appreciated” when she came home.

Now truthfully it probably won’t happen very often that you’ll be able to
visit the sweetie at fire camp or get goodies delivered, but if you get a
chance, do it. If your FF is worth a damn, you’ll be holding all the cards
after that. You have to be really careful with the timing and be sure that
it’s cool with your sweetie and at camp and everything. One other
precaution – do everyone a favor, and don’t even try to send liquor or any
other thing that isn’t allowed in firecamp. Think baking.


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