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  • 08/07/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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sorry but I don’t understand the post about the wreck and the pick-up. Is there an issue with the pick-ups we need to know about other than a lot of them are used with fire……also I definitely agree that any persons death is a huge loss no matter who they are or how they died. Just for us here because of the lifestyle we are all devastated by anyone ff being hurt or killed, no matter how they died.

Pick-ups….One of our sons was borrowing “MY” pickup several years ago and was coming off the mountain….the truck in front of him hit a dust bowl in the road and it blinded our son. He loss control and planted a huge tree in the passenger side of my truck. The truck literally wrapped around the tree at the door/bed area. He was alone. He was buckled in and was bruised and had a cut on his arm. Thankfully it was a blessing there was a tree there or he would have been on his way to the bottom of the ravine about 350’……needless to say on the way to the hospital I was praying he was ok. On the way home from the wrecking yard after seeing my truck I was thanking God. Then after we got him home I wanted to smack him for wrecking my baby……..I loved my truck. (just to be fair to him—the investigating deputy said he was not speeding nor was he at fault,,,,it was just an accident) so we also have had some very close calls regarding mountain roads and trucks.


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