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  • 08/07/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi Everybody!

After a week of long hours I just had to get back on and read the what’s happenings. First of all thanks Robbie for trusting in your local dispatcher to keep you in touch about your sister. I think one of the best parts of my job is keeping the family members, S.O.’s and everybody worried about the FF’s informed.

Next I have to agree with Heli Groupie in that I also think “Normal” is on this site for a reason. I might have a extended family in my firefighters but I still worry about my daughter in not knowing when she is on a fire because I’m so far away, or hate that my Southern Guy and me might not see each other for another 3-6 months, that is when I try to get on this site and read what is happening to other people. Most of the time other letters put my problems or worries in perspective and I realize that I have a charmed life. I have wonderful children, a wonderful boyfriend, and most of all a wonderful “family” in my firefighters. In the past two years I have met the most wonderful people in this organization and have to endure the teasing from my SO and my engine crews in that they can’t take me anywhere that people don’t either know me or recognize my voice and come up to talk to me. I think I can go to almost any state and would have help if I was ever in trouble. What other job gives you that joy. Also Heli Groupie, You making goodies for the base will always be remembered and will make you a more special person in the eyes of your guy.

Fire Momma, you are a woman with great insight and you sound like one heck of a woman! Please keep all the firefighters out there in your thoughts.

Southern Loving

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