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  • 08/06/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I love this board.

Thanks for backing us up from the guys’ side Robbie.

And way to give that gal a run for her money. What a great group. Actually, I have to laugh that she chose to be posted as “Normal Woman” because, after all, what “normal” woman is a firefighter? What “normal” woman puts up with having a relationship with a firefighter?! Ha! I think it is great we can help each other out through the tough moments . . .

In reading Normal Woman’s post I was reminded of this one female HS I saw once. She had started FF when it wasn’t so common for women to HS and man, was she rough and tough. She chewed tobacco and everything. I remember thinking to myself when I saw her “that is a woman who feels like she has something to prove!” And I can understand that. It couldn’t have been easy for her back in the day and I have to be grateful to her for paving the way, but I can’t help but feel a little sad for her as well, like maybe she chose to or had to sacrifice a little too much of something. Like she felt obligated to sacrifice all remnants of her womanhood on the alter of Forest Service machismo. Not long after I met another female FF from the same district, she probably hadn’t been doing it quite as long, but she was such a great role model for me, even though I only spent 20 minutes in her company. She was strong and tough but still had this feminine quality to her. Kind of reminded me of the legendary Amazon women – tall, strong, 100% womyn! Wow, she was cool.

Interestingly enough, I find that these days I am much more girly during my off time. I am sure it is a result of the fact that I have such a macho job, I end up compensating.

The guys here keep asking me about how my boots feel and if they are broken in yet and how much pain am I in, etc. Honestly, they don’t really hurt. After about 18 hours my feet are a little tiered but they aren’t bad. Really, these guys have NO idea how excruciating stylish strappy heels can be . . . and men think they are tough! They wouldn’t last 15 minutes in a strapless bra and three inch heels! (Funny mental pictures of my boss in a slinky dress-heehee!)

Bottom line-women can be tough by being women. And I don’t think being worried about relationships is something inherently female either. Men worry too, as demonstrated by previous postings on this board by men and by the wives/girlfriends of men. I loved FireMomma’s posting about her husband calling her mom when he couldn’t get her on her cell! How sweet! That is the way it should be!


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