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  • 08/05/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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So-called Normal woman,

Since when is sharing experiences with those in similar situations “whining”? (work on the spelling) I have a very busy life but also find the time to have a man in it, who happens to be a FF. I “talk, talk, talk” to the people here so that my other friends and family don’t have to hear it too much and because, unlike you, they are understanding. I’ve talked to my FF 20 minutes in 2 weeks so I hardly think I’m dependent on him. (much less have I seen him…and I don’t live w/ him either) I had a party at my house over the weekend w/ 50 of the friends you just told me to get. Trust me, I have a life.

Your tone is bitter, lonely, condescending and unappreciated. There is no need for such judgment against people you don’t even know. Your post is a real ugly, sore spot in an otherwise fantastic, supportive message board. So why don’t you live and let live and spew your rhetoric somewhere else.

And I don’t recall reading anything on this board anywhere close to Harlequin romance descriptions…so spare ME.

p.s. to Ab
I’m sorry if this post is so angry, but I had to write it. This woman got under my skin. I don’t take well to people that tell me to grow up and get a life that don’t even know me. I hope you can still post it though. It’s only fair that I can defend myself right?

Taz Girl

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