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  • 08/05/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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The headlines read: “Wildland Firefighter put out fire, rained on relationship”

To add to the mess of the “telephone incident” when I received the “pick me up
at the airport” call yesterday I was sitting in my doctor’s office. The poor
doctor felt sorry for me and stepped out to let me talk to him for a minute.
When she came back in I was a wreck, after telling her briefly what happened
and finishing the appointment, I went home. She called me today to see if he
was still alive, and to make sure that I was ok. Isn’t that a great doctor?
She is new to the area and I’ve only seen her 3 times…but she watches out for
me alright!

Well we had our discussion, you would all be proud of me. I kept my cool for
the most part. After about 30 minutes of drilling into his head the way he
made me feel we were making progress. But I suppose as a stubborn man he can
only admit being wrong to a point. He said that he “sort of understood where I
was coming from.” That wasn’t good enough for me, so I turned the tables on
him. One of the things he asked of me before he left was not to so much as
have a single beer while he was gone, which was fine with me as I prefer not to
drink more than about 3 a month. So I told him about a party that I was
invited to, and asked him how he would feel if I would have gone and he had
tried to call me. That got his attention. He also said that the next module
from this area is being set to go next week, and he has every intention of
going with them. We were supposed to go to hang out with some friends, before
my best friend goes back to school 15 hours away. When I mentioned going to
that little 6 person get together he flipped. We’re going to finish this
tonight, but I had to go to work before we could finish it all.

Another thing that really aggravated me was the fact that atleast one of the
guys sat in the bathroom of Jon’s hotel room and called his girlfriend. Some
of the guys gave him a hard time about it because he was going to ask her to
marry him when he got home. I told him that if he wanted to marry some of the
FFs he went to the bars with and sat in the room and drank with that it was
fine with me. But he had better be man enough to tell me that he was choosing
them over me, and then all of the marriage plans will be a thing of the past.
That was about the most obnoxious response I gave him, but he atleast knows how
much he hurt me. I hope he has sense enough not to do it again.

This will be short, because he is not writing it. His excuse was…hold on
tight, its a good one…he said the phones didn’t work at the first hotel he
was at. That was one night that he went to a bar…I have a hard time seeing a
hotel with phones in the rooms that are not working, but if that was so, there
had to be a phone in the lobby/office area. If he didn’t want to use that one,
there must have been one in the bar, or someplace in the 7 blocks that he told
me he walked to get there.
We’re on rough ground right now. My problem is I love him too much, as mad as
I am about it, I can’t stay mad at him. This afternoon, after my blow-up he
just wrapped his arms around me. It stopped me in my tracks, I ended up in
tears because it is so good to have him home.

Thank you all for the shoulder to cry on…or complain on, or whatever else…

And to Sammi I believe, a while back you posted about “remind you next time you
started complaining about talking to the dog.” I’m with you girl, the animals
seem to be much more wise than our FFs at times.

Also, to the Abs out there, thank you…your board saved my tail today!


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