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  • 08/05/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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to Tazlina, Tonya….and others, stop whinning, grow up, get a life.

I am coming from 15 years of fire and now working in support for fire organization. I’ve dated, lived with worked as and with FF. Hero’s, hardly. It is a job, exciting, could be hard, sometime bit dangerous, decent pay. We are adrenalin junkies, not accountants, that is why we are not home every night.

Apparently you can’t live without “reach out and talk, talk, and talk every day” Girls, you are self absorbed, whinning ninies. Get on with your life, job, interest, friends and when the SO comes back, have fun rediscovering each other, and sharing both of your last months experiences….

And PLEASE, spare us the Harlequin Romance details……….

Normal woman

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