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  • 08/05/2002
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Tonya wrote:
Has anyone dealt with their FFs doing something this stupid? If so, how did
you handle it?

Fire Momma writes:
No. Kill him.

(Just kidding….) Geesh, I’m afraid I have no answer for this galoot. Oops… uh… (…measured response…) Is he that much of a newbie to fire and relationships? I’m curious to hear how your discussion goes with him this evening.

….Just back online after being gone for the weekend. Took my young’un to summer camp. Traveling north cell phone reception is nil so I just turned it off and regularly checked in with my answering service. Got to Portland. Checked into the hotel and retrieved my messages from my cell phone….5…from my husband on the Slims Fire in Idaho…each more urgent than the last. “Why aren’t you answering your phone?” “Hellooooooooooo” “That’s it. I’m calling your mother…!”

And all this time we’ve been talking on FamilySaid about US not getting all uptight on the phone. My goodness. He called at the crack of dawn the next morning before heading out on the fireline. I assured him all was well…but just had to smile to myself. I love that guy.

Strange, incredible weekend. Driving back I spontaneously turned off I-5 toward Woodburn and headed to Mt. Angel. Thought “Yea, guess I’d like to see an angel today.” What an incredible experience. Sat in St. Mary’s parish awestruck by the beauty of the stained glass and statues. It was the first calm I’ve felt in months. Drove up to Mt. Angel Abbey and walked around with the monks. Found an delicate statue of an angel with a little girl clutching the robes around the angel’s thigh. I’m not sure why, but my heart constricted. Drove back out to the freeway to head home only to find there was a brutal six car wreck just a few miles ahead of me. Took a round about way home through Brownsville. Beautiful country. Called my mom (who, by the way is one of those unarguably clairvoyant types.. imagine growing up with THAT!) She was beside herself wanting to know that I was okay. I told her what happened…that I had taken a detour to Mt. Angel.. why I didn’t know, but had thoroughly enjoyed myself. She babbled on and on about how she was relieved I’d avoided “the danger.” I told her I didn’t AVOID anything. Just acted on my intuition.

Dam* mom!
Fire Momma

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