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  • 08/02/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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My husband and I used to both be firefighters, but for the last two years
I have been in a job that keeps me mostly at home. Usually when he gets
home he just wants to relax and stay around the house (and I usually want
to get out of the house after being here alone for a few weeks, lol). I
just try and have the house clean and something good and homemade for dinner.

Here’s my list of good things about him being gone:

1. Great time to watch all of those ‘chick flicks’
2. Computer is all mine
3. I get to sleep on both sides of the bed
4. Breakfast for dinner (which he doesn’t care for, and yes, I think waffles
with ice cream makes a perfectly good breakfast)
5. Good time to hang out with friends

I’m always happier to have him here than away, but I try and enjoy my time
when he’s gone. Hopefully I will be out again next year, but then we really
won’t see each other all summer.


Welcome C, I added your info to the list…


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