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  • 08/01/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi ladies (and gents),

I had a REALLY rough day at work yesterday and decided to stay home and recoup this am. Have to be back this afternoon so what do I do, wash dishes, take out the trash, find my bedroom floor? NO!!!!! I read Family said and get hung up writing on the computer……R&R for me.

Dawn,,,,great to hear from you, we have some fantastic people on our list now and it is soooo nice to have a few posts each day instead of one a week. So your guy is around all the time….how do you put up with him????? kidding. Please stick around here because we have people that are new to fires, working with fires, newly involved with FF and then some in the middle and then the old end so we have all bases covered. Seems we all have pretty much the same agenda…..how to cope with whatever the fires throw at us…..can we get a copy of that book somewhere? in a couple of months we can write our own……

Hope everyone reads They Said also……we can learn a lot from them as far as the policy and procedure, political and just plain gruffness of the FF themselves. Even tho it seems most of that list is supervision….with a few seasoned FF with really great common sense advice.

I’ve been reading everyone’s plans for the “super homecoming” for the FF in our lives and just a word of caution…..if you are new to this and make extensive plans for the arrival of your FF it may not go as expected…(remember the FF that brought a buddy home)……until you have done this a few times and learn what “he” is expecting you might want to not have so many rigid plans and sort of float thru it…..your expectations and his may be entirely different and you both will be wanting to please the other so much it might just dissolve into tears and anger……

Abs: the possibility of a “how-to” on living with a ‘he’s coming home’ to ‘he’s leaving’ page would be great…..won’t take long and we could have it filled with ‘what not to do””” I wish some of the seasoned guys on the other list would tell us what they appreciated and what drove them bonkers from their So’s…….could you maybe pass that on to them…..nothing like good info from the “old horses mouth” opps did I say that?


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