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  • 08/01/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hey Sammi,

Yep, I am still here. It may be fire season, but my FF is still home with us!!! He works ALOT, and long hours, but he does usually come home every night, and get at least 1 day off a week. This is our first year as a USFS family, and he is an apprentice…this year he is on an engine crew, stationed deep in the Klamath Nat’l Forest, so they actually do not leave the area much! But from what I understand, when he goes to helitack next year, we will NEVER see him, so I am trying to count my blessings.

I agree with you about the Navy, and their family readiness program. Being a former Marine Corps wife, I was what they called a “Key Volunteer, or Key Wife”, We were trained in helping the other spouses deal with the separations, and then the home comings. So much of the same applies here as well. I am disappointed that the Forest Service does not have a similar program. I have talked with my husband about starting one at least here on the Klamath.

We also learned what not to say when our Marine called from far away…..” Uh honey, I went to the doctor and we are having TWINS!, little Mary broke her arm, I wrecked the car when I hit the Gererals Porche…etc.” I actually have a really good book, that teaches a wife how to be the wife of an enlisted Marine, it is called Roses and Thorns. It covers every thing from how to deal with officers and their wives to separations, and ceremonies and traditions. Again, the Forest Service needs something similar. These new girls friends, and some boy friends, need the education and support of us “Veteran Wives”.

So right now my FF is home on the couch with a terrible cold that the girls shared with him, and I have to listen to him whine, hoping he does not miss the opportunity to go to a lightening fire! But his engine captain told him to keep his sick butt at home for now.

Glad everyone is here, the companionship is nice!


Dawn and others, if you want to sent in information – family readiness tips – we could post it on a page in list form or have more than one list if you want one for separation and one for homecoming. An accessible reference?


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