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  • 07/31/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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tazlina girl, roller derby — that’s sounds cool! do you guys get bruised? what an adrenline rush! i’m envious. i left a lot behind when i moved to the east and i’m at a loss for activities here, especially since i work in the city (blah! it’s all for the money). this year i am saving up for a custom motorcycle that my hub is going to build for me. and then i’m going to save as much as i can so that i may be able to go with him out west next summer and do something adventurous and then somehow come back here and contract or something. it would be really nice to be there when he gets off a fire instead of hugging the phone.

fire momma, you are a wise one! i, too, have ~~splat~~ fallen on my face during my separation experiences and so has my hub. fortunately, my hub and i have a very strong bond, and he is very real and we communicate a lot about everything — i mean, everything!! i personally am envious that he gets to be out there workin’ in the dirt and potentially bonding with fellow FFs while i’m here a slave to my computer at work. but we have a goal and a plan, and those are important to me enough to make the sacrifices. plus, i’ll get my turn!!!

a quick funny……the second time i spent with my hub, he drove about 400 miles to spend time with me where i was on vacation. he pulled off at some rest stop somewhere and we climbed the fence and lay down a blanket to ‘relax’ on. well, climbing back over the fence, my shoelace got caught and i literally fell flat on my face. i immediately popped up to act like ‘oh that didn’t just happen’ and he fixed my shoelace. he told me later that he was cracking up inside — what a dork i was.


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