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  • 07/31/2002
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When our son-in-law was in the NAVY he was gone for months at the time out on an aircraft carrier. He was stationed out of San Diego and so thats where our daughter and her girls stayed while he was gone. Apparently the support of the other wives etc made it easier. I remember that the NAVY made classes available for the wives to take right before the ships got back. In these classes they were taught about how to handle the reunification of dad into the family and how problems come up because mom has been in charge for months and all of a sudden you have this strange man in the house trying to run things and the whole thing goes to pot….. I can see that happening so easy. We are left here to do all the chores and fix the breaks and take the car for service etc. And then HE comes back and thinks he is in charge and guess what…… wrong — he left a woman that had depended on him to take care of the guy things while she took care of the gal things, (normally) and he comes back to SUPERWOMAN!!!!!!!

Just imagine how he must feel like he was totally dispensable because his “woman” managed quite well without him…… poor guy!!!!!!!! and he doesn’t have a clue we have been gluing each other back together every day on the internet……. and don’t tell him……..

Dawn and shots mom: are you guys still around? Whats happening with your FF…….shots mom and I were actively trying to get some attention for the new fire shelters a couple of yrs ago and then 9-11 happens and everything lost its steam………but they did get the new shelters so thats good. Now if they would just get enough of them out there for the FF……..maybe someone on the They Said list can explain to us what is happening and how soon will the new ones be available to everyone


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