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  • 07/31/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hello again everyone! I have several things to say…

First of all, Catskilldog: I saw a license plate today while I was driving to
work, all I could do was laugh and think of you. The plate said dog8cat, all I
could do was think of my first thought when I saw your name! Thought you might
get a laugh out of it.

To Tazlina Girl: You have my respect! Away from your HS for 3 months is more
than I can imagine! Also, I know exactly what you mean about researching the
fires, I was the one to brief him Friday morning on the fires in Idaho before
he left to go fight them.

For all of the other ladies experienced in the area of sending their men off to
fires. Thank you so much, with the support of all of you on the board I’ve
realized that there is no reason to worry, more than a little at least. I know
that my SO is out there with the best of the best and I know that they are
watching out for one another. My days have now become much less stressful. In
addition to that good news, I also managed to get off work the night after Jon
comes home, so that will give us much more time to do normal smokeless stuff,
and listen to all of his stories. His message to me before he left was that
all he wanted was for me to pick him up when he got home, stay at his house
(still living with parents) and cook him dinner, then spend the night there so
that I would be there when he woke up the next morning. Let me tell you all,
the rubber is burning in my mind as I make all of the plans. I think I’m going
to add a soak in the hot tub and a massage before bed to the evening, if he
feels up to it. I’ve only got 11 days left!

The other great news is he will be reassigned 8/1, so maybe I’ll get a quick
phone call. I really want to hear from him, but it is almost a blessing that
he hasn’t been able to call. His mom gets really upset when he calls me
instead of her, so maybe things will go more smoothly for dinner. I have a
feeling our romantic dinner together is going to turn into a family affair.


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