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  • 07/31/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hey Taz, what fire is your guy on? They got the phones on my husbands camp up and calling yesterday also. He is on the Robert Fire at Glacier. Which I understand gave them some problems today because of the heat and the wind. No I am not worried!!!!!!!

Cat: one of our sons was a jumper for one season. He loved it but alas he fell in love with a wonderful gal (also a FF) and they have babies so “they” decided maybe dad should not jump out of perfectly good airplanes. Which made me very happy. He is still doing FF but he stays on the ground. She is a stay at home mom and is very supportive but I was talking with her the other night and even tho she seems to be handling all this real well, and knowing personally how the FF feels and the stuff that goes on the fires she told me she still gets the urge to be there fighting the ole dragon. Also we got into the discussion of how to handle the loneliness and she says what we are all saying. Stay busy, healthy, and try not to complain to them.

When they come home: I remember when our boys were young and not even remotely old enough to be FF they all would argue over who got to wear dad’s old yellow shirts when he brought them home from the fires. I think from the time they were walking they would be climbing all over his packs and putting on hardhats and wrapping bandanas around their faces. As a matter of fact, our grandson spent the weekend with me this week and he was in the attic going thru all the storage containers and found a box of discarded gear. He called his mom and got permission to take home some of papaws old boots and a couple of bandanas, and even snatched a very holey pair of greens that I have no idea of how old they are. Well, he was sooooo proud of those ratty old jumper boots I gave him a bottle of leather treatment and a cloth and brush. No kidding in a couple of hours he had those old boots justa shining. they really looked good. I almost asked him to leave them in case they were not throw aways but I didn’t have the heart. So if you hear a big yell in a couple of weeks you’ll know I owe somebody some new boots.

Coming home to them is anticipating lots of good food, lots of sleep and lots of ______. And in between all of that they are compelled to tell you every second of their fire experience. Long ago and far away when I was fairly new to this life my guy was gone several weeks and when he made it home seems like he spent all night telling me all the exciting things that had happened to him…..I remember after a long time of listening when he finally slowed down I said, “yep, nothing important happened here while you were away” and at that I walked away. When he finally realized I was feeling ignored he felt soooo bad. But it was too late, I had acted like a spoiled brat and made him feel like a jerk and so we both ended up feeling like asses. Your reunion can go sideways in a flash so be careful. A couple of days home goes by way too fast and you sure don’t want to ruin it. And even worse than that,,,,,you don’t want to ruin it so much they eventually dread coming home to their firebreathing SO.

Tiz not an easy life we live but it is worth it…..every minute is an adventure.


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