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  • 07/30/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi everyone. Thank you for all of your responses. First of all, my HS called last night!! They finally got phones in and he waited 45 minutes for his five. NO, I did not whine or bitch during his call. I was just happy to hear his voice and vice versa. Plans are set for next week!!

Now just to clarify… Maybe I came off a little too worried or freaked out. I feel like some of you think I’m going to call his supervisor and demand to get my man on the phone, or walk into his fire camp. I would NEVER dream of doing either. If anything, the urgency in my posts was due to the fact that we have plans to rendezvous next week. These have been set plans all summer, just waiting until he came down here and knew specific dates and places. There have been times over the summer, when he was in Alaska, when we didn’t talk for 2 weeks and I didn’t really worry too much. I just really, really wanted to make sure I see him next week and was thinking that if he couldn’t call by then, there would be no rendezvous. I am not like some of you where I see him when he comes home after his 14 or 21 days. I have not seen him in three months as of today!

I have found pretty good ways to deal w/ his profession, being this is my first fire season. I have become really good at internet research and check on any and all fires daily. HE even asked ME on his way to a fire what the acreage was. I have looked at tons of photos, read many FF accounts, etc. and feel I have a pretty good picture of what goes on out there (well of course, w/o actually being there). I have taken a great interest in what he does. I send him letters and we talk on the phone whenever we can. I sent him film and got some great pictures back of he and his crew on a Alaska fire. He even picked me some flowers and included them as well.

I really respect what he does and am proud of him, and I have told him that. As for another summer of this, who knows? It would be one thing if we lived in the same place and I saw him on occasion. But the logistics of Texas and Alaska and fire season are not practical. I’m just holding out until we go travel this winter.

Thanks Ab, Sammi, Fire Momma, Catskilldog and everyone else. This message board has been invaluable and informative and I appreciate all your help and support.

Tazlina Girl

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