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  • 07/30/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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WOW,,,,what great advice. Seems like we all have the same issues and we all have very similar ways to handle it. Thx for sharing everyone. Just to add a wee bit more of what goes on at the fires…..these camps get into a routine. The FF learn real quick when is the best time to shower and when is the best time to head for the food. Last night my hubby called (from town) and told me they had put up three phones at his camp for the FF to use and before they even had them working there was over 40 people standing in line to use them. So they do try,,,very hard to call their loved ones. The magnitude of the amount of bodies and all the other considerations make it very difficult. They have to choose to shower, eat or stand in line to make a call.

And I agree with the other posts….the last thing I am gonna do when they call is complain, or cry abt how bad I miss him or what a rotten day I had. At least I got to come home in an air conditioned car……

Yea he is out there for the love of the job, certainly not the money but I care to much for them to have to listen to me bitchin about the screen that fell out of the front door last night. I will tack it back in today and he can really fix it in December. I get asked all the time “how do you stand being worried all the time?” Well, I am not worried all the time. A few days ago We were talking about how our relationships survive…..and honestly most of them don’t. But for sure, you are taking a huge risk if you try to force him/her to put you before the fires. And I can guarantee you it sounds like a huge contradiction but they do love and care, and miss us….but that dragon has a hold on them that is undeniable. I do not understand how he can go do this of his own free will, be gone for weeks at the time and still call and say, “I love you, I miss you” then when he is home he starts pacing needing to go back out……it cannot be explained but for the good of the relationship we all need to suck it up and find a way to cope with the loneliness and the desertion issues. if you find the answers please share them…


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