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  • 07/30/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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. Just went back and reread what has been posted since August. Kat and Roamy gave good advice (Aug 1 & 2), if you missed it, recommend you read it now.

Tonya and Tazlina and others in new relationships with FFs 2 things come to mind: it’s their job of choice, and expecting them to call when they are falling down tired is like wishing for the moon. … if they’re on assignment in the backwoods somewhere, it’s highly unlikely there are cell sites, public telephones. or internet availability for general use (unless they are sitting in some huge traveling city on wheels called base camp in support of a very large fire complex – even then the lines are long) sometimes it’s difficult to decide which comes first, shower, sleep, or eat. plus when in base camp, there are tools to sharpen or repair; supplies to replenish, and maybe laundry to do, etc.

Tazlina, check the airline schedules to learn the number of plane changes needed to get from your home to where your SO will be when he finally gets a couple of days off. it may not be feasible timewise and the cost may be prohibitive.

learn the terminology and acronyms so you can understand his lingo; if you want to immerse yourself in fire & there is a community college near you enroll in an intro to fire science class. if your SO plans to remain a wildland FF it will be somewhat easier for you based on what you experience this season.

btw, and when they call, they may complain, but if you listen carefully they wouldn’t trade it for a day job.

Prayers and best wishes for all our men and women on the fireline; pray they come home safe and sound, first snow.


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