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  • 07/29/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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A couple of years ago we were talking on the list about little quirky things we do to stay close to our FF and sort of bring them good luck etc. I have a Gold Maltese cross with FF emblems on it. I put it on a chain and wear it from the time the first one in the family goes out to when the last one comes home in the fall. This year the guys gave me two charms, one says FF wife and the other says FF mom…..so I have added them to my necklace. It hangs under my blouses so no one but me knows its there and it actually does comfort. Just a ditzy thing I started several yrs ago and if you do something and it helps then go for it.

Anyone else have good luck things they do? Some mom’s were collecting spoons from the area their boys went to. A lot of people are collecting the t-shirts with the fires logo…


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