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  • 07/29/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Seems like every year when the forest starts heating up and the FF are moving around we (me too) get a rash of intense worry going. Believe me,,,,,absolutely the truth, if you haven’t heard from your SO, man or woman, they are in a place where there is no means of communication. That’s the jest of it. If, heaven forbid, there was a problem, someone would be knocking on your door.

I have been doing this a long time and I still do the emotional wreck dance every now and again. Sunday I was in church. Took my grandson with me because I hate to sit alone. Anyway, the tankers were taking off from the airport about 3 miles away and coming right over the top of our church headed north. Everytime one would come barreling over, and you can’t mistake the sound, I would just get chilled. I did make it thru the first meeting but Gathered up the kid and fled at the first opportunity. I was like a prisoner to the worry chip in my head and so I took us out to lunch and fled home to the woods. That is the same as driving a car, you can’t get away from your thoughts. There is no easy answer but we will listen if you feel like sharing. Funny, sad, worried, mad we have been there done that.

Now, if he/she has been staying at the Motel in Denver for two weeks staged or in the Armory in Oregon waiting for orders for a week then you have every right to bash them with their hardhats when they show up on the doorstep. And you certainly don’t even have to be gentle about it.

Stay busy, don’t watch a lot of the news, do your scrap or picture albums. Keep yourself healthy and they will be in touch. For the most part they are very busy right now and even if they are staged someplace the lack of phones is very real. My husband is on the Robert Fire in Glacier and they are staged north of Columbia Falls. He has called twice but it’s easier for him because he has an Engine and they just stop on the way back to camp, and call us. Their cell phones are not working so that is a problem everywhere.

Keep writing to us here. we are the best FF significant other counselors there is and the advice is free. We had a few mom’s of FF last year and I wonder if any of them are lurking around. If so, please let us hear from you as to how your son’s and daughters are doing.

Hanging in there,

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