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  • 07/29/2002
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My apologies everyone.. for the redundancy of my post. I was unaware that my first one actually posted. I only discovered it was posted after I just posted the last one. Therefore, Tazlina Girl and Heather in Texas are the same. Sorry for the confusion.

I was quite excited to see the replies. You all are so helpful and I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know other people are in the same boat and willing to keep an eye out for you. Makes it feel like a much smaller world out there too. You know more about my situation after my last post I suppose. I know now that my SO is on the Hot Creek fire. You can imagine the logistics of trying to see one another…HS from Alaska, girl from Texas, fire in Idaho…TWO DAYS. So really now it’s just all about the phone call. If he can’t call, I can’t go. That is what is freaking me out. But someone did say I think on this board, that they usually get phones for the crews, even though it takes a while. So hopefully that will be the case and I will hear something soon. I know he would call first chance he got if he could.

Here is one more question maybe someone can shed some light on. He flew to Salt Lake City on a Tuesday, drove to Hot Creek on Wed. (probably about 7 hr. drive) and started work on Thursday I’m assuming. Does that mean his official 14 days of work would start on that Thursday, or that Wed.? It’s just especially relevant for me so I can get off work.

Thanks for listening to all my rambling,
Tazlina Girl

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