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  • 07/29/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Thank you Fire Momma for being so welcoming. I am new to all of this and was a little intimidated to post at first.

Here is a brief description of my background and dilemma: I started dating a Hotshot over the winter. I have not seen him now for three months. He is from Alaska and well, I’m from Texas. Doesn’t make any sense…I know. Anyway, I am supposed to go see him on his first R & R in the “lower 48″ next week. He is on the Hot Creek fire. However, ever since he left for that fire I have not heard from him. It’s been a week now. I read there is no cell service in Atlanta, ID and spotty land lines at best. I’m not even sure when to buy my ticket for and don’t know how we can meet up if I can’t talk to him beforehand. So I suppose my question is…do these guys have ANY access to phones out there? Is he going to be able to call me just once before we are supposed to meet up? I can’t even buy a ticket until I hear from him and the whole trip might be 86’ed altogether if that is the case. And honestly, I don’t think either of us could stand to go another two weeks or month. We have been looking forward to this for three months and thinking about it constantly. Is there any way for me to get a message to him? Thanks for any info. I’m really new at all of this and being this out of touch and helpless is quite maddening. I have never been such a slave to my cell phone…ever.

This is a great place to come and vent…w/ other people that seem to know exactly what you are talking about and how you feel.

Thank you,
Tazlina Girl

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