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  • 07/28/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Thank you so much for your advice. I believe that Jon is on the Hot Creek
Fire, but that is only a guess. That fire is only about 60 miles out of
Boise, Idaho, and they flew into Boise. I still haven’t heard back from the
guy who makes the call when they are called up. I’m not sure of his title,
but it basically says that he is the one to ask. I am assuming that since he
was the one that set up their deployment he should know where he sent them, I
HOPE! Jon actually works for the Virginia Department of Forestry. Only he is
not full time yet, just a summer FF. The actual job that he wants actually
opened for applicants the day that he left, so his mom and I are trying to get
his application finished and sent in. He wants to be the forest technician in
the county where we live.

The scrapbook is great, I started one on his last trip out in March when he
was on the Shuttle Recovery Crew in Texas, so far it is already brimming full
with articles and press releases from this trip.

The farm keeps me busy for the most part, I’ve got almost 20 horses to take
care of. Then I train horses at another farm nearby, and also have a 20 hour
a week job as an evening receptionist, that is only until I graduate college.
Then we will be putting the icing on the wedding cake :) It all keeps me
busy, but I am a high stress person anyhow, so I can always find time to
worry. I think I am actually getting a little grip on myself today. I think
that opening up on this board has shown me that I’m not the only one that
feels the way I do. I see that each of you are going through the same thing
that I am, only it is tougher for others, as they have little ones who miss
daddy. In my case the only thing similar to that is Jon’s horse thinks she
has been forgotten. The other thing that I have going for me is Virginia only
lets our FFs stay out for 18 days, then after 2 at home they can go back out.
I may be wrong, but that seems a lot shorter than some of the other states


Also, thanks for the articles and photos from Firescribe! I really appreciate

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