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  • 07/28/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hold on I’m gonna go get a ham sandwich and a coke…..I don’t smoke or drink alcohol so I will be right back…..I have been getting in trouble again on the They Said list so I told them I would stick with Family for awhile. Actually I am hiding from them because I am expecting the mouthy ones to come after me…..

Tonya…..I am not sure I have any answers for you but I can say all you are experiencing is perfectly normal. If your Jon was in the Marines and got shipped out the emotions would be the same. My biggest advice is try to not search the net a lot for info. That can drive you bananas….I have a couple of information pages I bookmarked and that’s all I look at usually after work after I have done the chores. When Jon moves to another site….look up the information page for that forest or whatever and just stick with that. Usually we can get most of what we need from They Said links etc. I do sometimes find the local newspapers where the guys are and also look at them every night. One thing you might do for him is start a scrapbook……that would keep your hands busy……and that is the key to this whole waiting mess….keep busy.

I know it is scary right now with the deaths being reported but honestly Jon is safer wherever he is out on the line than he would be driving home from work on the hgwy. My hubby called tonight and boy is he suffering…….he is staged with his Engine about 35 miles from the Glacier Fire. They have eaten steaks, played cards, took naps and swapped fire stories all day. There are 4 Engines and 3 Tenders from his home base with him there so they are all making themselves right at home.

As far as family…..believe me if your extended family is not fire there is no way you will make them understand the ups and downs of the person that is left behind. Do you stay on your farm all the time or do you work outside the farm? I work in a very demanding job so from Monday to Friday I do real well because I have an outside focus and a set schedule and am exhausted when I get home. Don’t try to make family understand where you are at on this……focus on the fact Jon is out there doing a job he loves and he does not need to be worried about you because you are worried about him. The chances of him getting hurt or worse is actually very slim……in all the years collectively from my guys doing fire…and that is a lot of years the worst we have had is a busted knee. keeping my fingers crossed that I have not jinxed them……

Even with my gripping on the other list about the safety issues I know the FF are well trained, very well equipped and believe me they want to come home. Is Jon with a shot crew or is he being dispatched from a local fire department? Forestry service? Where is the Hot Creek Fire? If it is the one around Challis Idaho the likely hood of cell phone working is slim and the area is so sparsely populated they probably set up in some area that does not have phone access……..it has been my experience they do try to set up phones for the crews to use ASAP but sometimes that is not a priority.

Waiting is the pits,,,,,absolutely !!!!!!!!! but he is worth it and he wants you to be supportive but happy…


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